Everything simple is just 
 an ingenious camouflage 
 of the complicated. 

 A. A. Karasev 

We have been working on our 705 device for long 7 years. It was created on the basis of the 713 model, which in its turn had also been designed for 7 years. It looks simple but here is what is hidden inside: fully automatic treatment process, high efficiency and safety, extreme reliability and “fool-proof”. This device can help in all situations and is always ready to do the job for even very reluctant users. All you need to care about is putting it on the problem place and then watching this simple thing do amazing work. And now, having served us faithfully for 1 year (solar year, to be correct) it is time for this semi-professional device to “grow up”
and become a real “pro” model.

 PS705 is going through the third regeneration. 
 However, we have left intact all good things which the users like: 

 – convenient and reliable construction of the casing and electrodes 
 – connection of remote electrodes 
 – touch switch-on 
 – automatic mode with automatic energy regulation 
 – operating buttons and indicators 

 – simple operation 


 – new design — you can trace new ENS style 
 – upgraded acting impulse 
 – added three myostimulating action modes 


LED indication displays:

contact of the electrodes with skin
preliminary analysis of the treated area
levels of action energy
body reaction
end of the action dose
activation of “dynamic adaptation”
action modes switch-over
timer for action upon mucous membranes
battery status

Preliminary analysis

This feature implements patented method of SCENAR-therapy — selection of the skin zones for electrosimulating action, according to diagnostic signs.
This function is realized through the “active area search” mode in the area of action.


Only three buttons allow you to switch the device on and off, Increase or decrease action energy level, switch over action modes, switch the sound on and off.


Electrodes of model PS705 are made of special steel which has a pyramidal structure. An important peculiarity of such kind of steel is that chrome does not penetrate into skin due to electrolysis process occurring during action.

Silver Electrodes

Electrodes of model PS705Ag are made according to the special technology which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. This provides additional healing effect and more accurate acting signal.

Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic effects. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics.

Detachable Silver Electrodes

Silver “ski” electrodes of model PS705Ag are detachable and are made by patented technology in the form of three flat bars rounded at the front of the device body. The rounded part is convenient for treatment small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face), and the flat part on the bottom of device body is mainly used for treatment of large areas.

  Connecting to
remote electrode

Mini-jack 2.5

Main Features

ON/OFF button

button of action energy increase

button of action energy decrease

Action energy




Basic treatment mode

3 therapeutic-massaging myo-modes

Expert assessment

“Active area search”


20-minute timer for action on mucous membranes




PS705 PS705Ag
Built-in electrodes made of stainless
steel with pyramidal structure

Connecting remote electrode

Detachable on-device silver electrodes

Connecting remote electrode
Protective features

“Dynamic adaptation” — controls stimulation during long action on the area.


The device is encased into Pocket М series casing made of shockproof (3mm thick) ABS plastic. Waterproof keyboard and sealants make disinfection and cleaning of the device easy.


PS705 PS705Ag





Electrode Tablet 03

Made of pure silver

Electrode Tablet 02

Made of pure silver

Electrode EC01

Made of pure silver

Electrode OKO

Made of pure silver

Original case

High-quality leather

Electrode ER01

Made of pure silver

Electrode EV01(z)

Made of pure silver

Electrode ENT01
Made of pure silver