ENS — thаt which is...

“That which is (ENS) — is the first thing conceived of by the intellect, therefore it is above all categories and is one of the transcendentals.”

(Latin dictionary of medieval philosophical terms. S. S. Neretina, 1998)

Development in a spiral is a Cosmic law which is fulfilled in the whole universe and no power on earth can abolish it.

The first device which could successfully treat people was designed in 1976 and I called it ENS-01. Then there were ENS-02, ENS-03 and it has become a legend and a progenitor of SCENAR device. Then when I founded and headed “LET Medical”, we could put out the first serial production device called SCENAR-035. It has become known all over the world for its unique effect of treatment and amazing results. However, it was still far from being a true treatment and could only serve as an auxiliary means. Moving forward, in the beginning of new millennium we have created more advanced method of treatment — COSMODIC. It has something from cosmos as a comprehensive treatment. It has dramatically enlarged the field of application and now we can talk about creating a new trend in medicine.

Today, following the Cosmic law, in a spiral, we are happy to present the result of our forty-year work. We are opening a new era of medication-free therapy and new treatment possibilities which implements enhanced mitophagy. And we call it ENS-therapy.

Inventor and founder of
SCENAR-therapy A. A. Karasev


The device simultaneously supports 3 patented technologies of treatment developed in “LET Medical”: SCENAR-therapy, COSMODIC-therapy, ENS-therapy.

The device allows you to design the action mode setting yourself. First you select the treatment technology or “sliding” range and then you add the appropriate modulation for the needed effect of treatment.

It also allows automatic selection of treatment technology in three ranges of the “sliding” impulse, to achieve high efficiency even for home user.

Two display options
AMOLED display
Graphic full-colour display on organic LEDs (OLED). High resolution and power-saving.
Two display options
For convenience, information on the screen can be displayed as circular chart or bar chart.
Image rotation
When applying device together with other treatment manipulations, the image on a display can be rotated so that it is convenient to use with left or right hand.

Maximum simplified control — only one button and an encoder (scroll switch) which provide quick and convenient access to the most important settings. High level of operational comfort. Easy and quick operation.

Touch switch-on in automatic mode for urgent instant use.


Readings implement patented method of SCENAR-therapy — selection of the skin zones for electrosimulating action, according to diagnostic signs.

This function is realized in several variations — “free readings”, series of readings on paravertebral roots, spinous processes, for men and women, readings on outlets of trigeminal nerve — “6 pounts”, etc.

This way, according to diagnostic signs one can get a full picture of condition of both local areas and the whole body.


Reading results are saved and stored in the patient’s file in the form of bar charts, superimposed on the image of a human body. Such visualization allows the user instantly assess general condition of the body and select the appropriate protocol of treatment. After session you can also check qualitative changes in the body.

Silver Electrodes

Silver electrodes are made according to the special technology which allows maintaining the natural structure of silver. This provides additional healing effect and more accurate acting signal.

Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic effects. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics.

Detachable Electrodes

“Ski” electrodes are detachable and are made by patented technology in the form of three flat bars rounded at the front of the device body. The rounded part is convenient for treatment small or hard-to-reach areas (for example, on the face), and the flat part on the bottom of device body is mainly used for treatment of large areas.

The electrodes are made of pure noble metals: copper, silver, gold.

Copper Electrodes

Copper is a vital microelement, most of it can be found in liver, brain, heart, kidneys and skeletal muscles.

Copper plays an important role in supporting collagen and elastin functions — the main structural components of our body. Lack of copper can lead to the weakness and deficiency of these components.

Copper enhances resistibility of our body to infections. When we catch infection or get inflammation, our body produces two ferments containing copper — ceruloplasmin and superoxide dismutase.

Gold Electrodes

Gold is biologically inert metal. It does not cause any negative reactions of the body.

The fact that gold produces beneficial effect on the body is known for a long time. However, it is only now that scientists could explain such beneficial properties of this noble metal.

Latest researches show that gold significantly increases the ability of skin to absorb and preserve moisture, promotes self-regeneration, and slows down ageing of the skin. It provides activation of circulation of blood and lymphokinesis, produces tonic effect and stimulates metabolic processes.

  Connecting up to
2 remote electrodes

Push-pull connector

Mini-jack 2.5

Main Features

Button on the faceplate

Encoder (scroll switch)

Touch switch-on, manual switch-on

Action energy

Automatic (3 ranges)


Basic option: Professional option:
5 modes 20+ designable modes
Expert assessment
Basic option: Professional option:

“active area search”

“free readings”

“active area search”

“free readings”

readings on specified areas

patient’s file


Timer of action on the area

Timer of the whole session

Switch-off timer


Graphic full-colour AMOLED display

Language: Russian, English

Sound and vibro-indication


Detachable on-device electrodes

Connecting up to 2 remote electrodes

Connecting “smart electrodes” with digital interface

Simultaneous work with three different electrodes

Protective features

“Dynamic adaptation” — controls stimulation during long action on the area.

Automatic activation of “SENSO” mode when acting on mucous membranes, hypersensitive skin, thin or moist skin, baby skin.

Diagnostics of the main acting impulses and disabling modes which haven’t passed calibration.

Automatic switch-off when device has no contact with skin for a long time.


The device is encased in “SMART” series casing made of shockproof (3.5 mm thick) ABS plastic.

Protective glass on the faceplate.





Electrode DX1

6 zones of action
in the contact area

Electrode Tablet 02

Made of pure silver

Electrode EC01

Made of pure silver

Detachable copper electrodes

Made of copper

Original case

High-quality leather

Electrode DX2

double “smart” electrode
12 zones of action
ideal for applying on
paravertebral areas of the spine

Electrode ENT01

Made of pure silver

Electrode EV01(z)
Made of pure silver