Remote probes for vaginal action EV01(z)

Type of cable part

Stick series:

Smart XS series:


Remote probe for vaginal action. Allows providing both overall and focused action by moving the probe during action and changing this way the area which us being acted by passive and active electrode. Differs from EV01Ag(w) in that it is more mobile and can be moved inside in case of need.


Dismountable silver electrodes.


Connects to mini-jack 2.5mm for connection of remote probes on the casing of the device.


ENS, EX735Ag, EX735 Modific, EX735 Slider, EX735 Slider x2, EX735 Slider x3, PS705 (2018+), PS705Ag (2018+), EX715Ag (2018+), VX735L, VX735Ag, Myoscen